Cobalt Congress Speaker

Dr Yanchen Wang

Director, Shanghai Metals Market (SMM) UK

Dr Yanchen Wang is the managing director of SMM UK office, which was established in May 2021. Currently He focuses on the base metals market research and SMM overseas business development.

Dr Yanchen Wang is a well-known analyst in the global commodity industry. His areas of expertise include base metals market, coal and power industry, carbon emission market. In recent years, he has extended his research into the battery metals markets. He has visited more than 100 base metals assets around the world. Dr Yanchen Wang has more than 16 years commodity market research experience. He also often attends technical and market conferences and gives presentations as a key-note speaker.

Before joining SMM, he was the principal analyst at CRU and the head of Chinese aluminium market research. Dr Yanchen Wang had worked at CRU for 15 years.

Yanchen has a PhD in Engineering from Chinese Academy of Sciences.