Cobalt Congress Speaker 2024

Guy-Robert Lukama

Chairman Gecamines

Trained as an economist, Guy-Robert Lukama worked at Belgolaise in the 2000s and later at BCDC, where he was appointed Chairman of the Board in 2007. When he transitioned to a different sector, he found himself in the mining industry as the Country Manager of AngloGold Ashanti in 2006. As the Executive Director of Fimosa Capital and the principal shareholder of Mongbwalu Gold Mines (MGM) since 2015, GECAMINES called upon him to lead its transformation, appointing him as Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In 2019, he joined the Board of Directors of GECAMINES, where he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

He also holds the roles of Vice-President of the Mines Commission at the FEC and President of the Board of Directors of the Société congolaise pour le traitement du terril de Lubumbashi. He has a particular passion for African art.