Cobalt Congress Speaker 2024

Xu Aidong

Chief Expert of Antaike /Advisor of CNIA Nickel Branch and Cobalt Branch

From 1993 to present, Mrs. Xu have been working at the Beijing Antaike Information Development Ltd. Co., engaged mainly in metal market consulting, investigation and research, and large-scaled market conference organization, esp. in nickel, cobalt & stainless steel raw material fields. In recent year, with the development of EV industry, Mrs. Xu also expand her research scope to battery metal and material industrial chain. Mrs. Xu is a veteran in China’s nonferrous metal industry, and is active in worldwide stage.

From 1986—1990Mrs. Xu spent her undergraduate period in the Metal Forming Department, Beijing University of Science and Technology, received a Bachelor Degree, and in the following three years, Mrs. Xu spent her Postgraduate Period in the same Department and the same University, received a Master Degree.